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Active With Invisible Illness

Welcome to Active Wtih Invisible Illness - we aim to help everyone understand Invisible Illness but to unite anyone with one by ensuring they understand you are not alone. There are many types of Invisible Illnesses, together and united, we can understand and help others with the same or different Invisible Illnesses'.

Invisible Illness - the Illness & Other Problems because the Illness is invisible!

This is both Mental and Physical Health Illnesses, Issues and Problems, hidden, or not obvious illness generate as a result of others not being able to see them. This includes the frequent scorn and aggression from others who see you use a Disabled Bay or Toilet, or one of the many multitude of other things, which can cause confrontation, feeling of discomfort created by the bystanders who object to your use of facilities’, motion or presence and then intimidate and force many to shy away through fear.

Leaving the person whose already ill feeling forced to try and hide the pain and difficulties caused by the illness, creating more paind, to avoid ridicule, verbal abuse and confrontation/violence.

Victim of People due to your Invisible Illness

We understand some pray on the weak, that disclosing your Invisible Illness you may feel exposed and vulnerable to exploitation. That a situation or people have forced disclosure of your personal information; or you may have hoped for understanding and disclosed something voluntarily. However, people, without personal experience or understanding of this, typically by involvement with those with Invisible Illnesses’, are unable to understand the fear of such exploitation or believe it exists.

Further complicated by the people typically looking to exploit you through your illness. The way they seek to cover themselves, hiding in plain sight. They often advocate that your issue is real, show their support for you against others who are dismissive while being vocal about how discussing it is to use another’s illness for personal gain.

If you’ve been a victim of this you don’t need to be embarrassed or frightened, you’re not alone. We can combine our experiences, knowledge and understanding and together protect ourselves, each other and our families.

Please contact us for anything but if you're able to share experiences, help in any way it would be welcomed. Please email info@aii2.co